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Located in Beruwela which is on the South-West coast of Sri Lanka, the Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort has a sea front with a natural reef providing guests with a natural pool to swim in. 75 accommodation units are available at the resort with garden and beach front rooms, duplex and classic rooms as well as air-conditioned and standard rooms. With an Ayurvedic centre that has been providing guests with treatments for over two decades; the resort serves well prepared meals and a serene atmosphere which is ideal for total rejuvenation.

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Guests can enjoy delicious local cuisine
If you have any specific medical condition, the physicians will explain to you how the condition is understood in Ayurveda as to the etiology, its signs and symptoms, the stage of the disease, relieving and aggravating factors , what is beneficial and what is not, and - most importantly - what would be the best line of management of the condition.
These spiritual activities are integral to the Barberyn way of life.They create an environment where even the most “stressed out” guests feel the quiet energy of the place and begin to see that true contentment and happiness come from within.